8.8. Seats

Removal of front seats

Fig. 8.28. Installation of a front seat: 1 – pillow; 2 – head restraint clamp; 3 – head restraint; 4 – back; 5 – sled; 6 – nut; 7 – handle of adjustment of a tilt angle of a back; 8 – washer; 9 – slip; 10 – the slip is decorative; 11 – handle of a stopper of a sled of a seat; 12 – bolt

1. For removal of the left front seat turn off two nuts of 6 (fig. 8.28) of fastening of a rack of a sled 5 in a back part and two bolts of the 12th fastening of a sled to a body cross-piece.
2. For removal of the right front seat shift a seat forward, turn off a nut of the 6th fastening of a rack of a sled in a back part, and also the screw of fastening of an internal guide of a sled to a support on the floor tunnel. Then turn out two bolts of the 12th fastening of a sled to a body cross-piece.
3. Establish seats upside-down.

Removal of a back seat

Fig. 8.29. Installation of a back seat: 1 – pillow; 2 – back hook; 3 – back; 4 – lower arm of a back; 5 – rug; 6 – percussion cap; 7 – screw; 8 – level; 9 – draft of the lock of a back; 10 – forward hook

1. For removal of a pillow of a seat raise a first line of a pillow of 1 (fig. 8.29), removing forward hooks 10 of percussion caps, and take out a pillow, bringing out of gearing with an arm on a floor a back central hook 2.
2. For removal of backs 3 seats cast away backs horizontally, remove a luggage carrier rug, weaken four bolts on the lower arms 4, remove arms from mudguards, bringing them out of gearing with probes on mudguards.
3. Establish a seat upside-down.