6.13. Parking brake

Description of the device

Fig. 6.15. Drive of the parking brake: 1 – lever; 2 – the tip is adjusting; 3 – equalizer; 4 – nut; 5 – a lock-nut, 6 – a cable; 7 – the level is expansion; 8 – lever of razzhimny; 9 – spring ottyazhny lever; 10 – bracket

The mechanical drive (fig. 6.15) of the parking brake consists of the lever 1 assigned in a body on a tunnel of gender, a cable 6 in a cover, an adjusting tip 2, the equalizer 3, razzhimny levers 8 with expansion levels placed in brake mechanisms of back wheels.
The parking brake does not demand special leaving. At maintenance check wear degree, be convinced of serviceability of teeths of the sector and a doggie. Replace excessively worn-out details.
At detection of break of a cover or delays of a cable it needs to be replaced new.

Replacement of a cable of the drive of the parking brake
1. In salon unscrew two screws of fastening and remove the cover covering the mechanism of the parking brake.
2. Unscrew a lock-nut 5 (see fig. 6.15) and a nut 4 from an adjusting tip 2.
3. Remove the equalizer from an adjusting tip and take out a cable 6 of the equalizer 3.
4. Turn off nuts of fastening of covers to a body.
5. Lift a jack a back part of the car and put support under the nest bodies welded on the basis for a jack.
6. Unbend ears of arms and remove the brackets 10 fixing a cable cover.
7. Through a cut in an overlay of the tunnel pull out a cable from salon.
8. Remove wheels and brake drums.
9. Disconnect cable tips from razzhimny levers.
10. Turn off nuts of fastening of tips of casings to brake boards.
11. Remove a cable, having dragged its tips through openings in brake boards.
12. Establish a new cable upside-down. Adjust the drive of the parking brake.

Adjustment of the drive of the parking brake
1. Lower the lever 1 (see fig. 6.15) the parking brake in extreme lower situation.
2. Weaken a lock-nut 5 on an adjusting tip 2.
3. Adjust a cable tension rotation of a nut 4 on an adjusting tip so that the lever 1 rose from extreme lower situation by 4–5 clicks.
4. Lower the lever of 1 parking brake in extreme lower situation and, having raised a back part of the car, turn hands back wheels. They have to rotate freely, without jammings.
5. Tighten a lock-nut 5 on an adjusting tip.