6.11. Replacement of brake fluid

1. Turn off a cover of a tank of the main brake cylinder.
2. Clear the valve of production of air of the right back brake mechanism of dirt. Remove a rubber protective cap from the valve.
3. Put on a rubber hose the union of the valve and ship the end of a hose in a pure transparent vessel.
4. The assistant has to press a pedal of a brake of 4-5 times sharply (interval between pressing 1–2 c) and to leave a pedal pressed.
5. Unscrew the valve of production of air on 1/2–3/4 turns. Old (dirty) brake fluid will begin to follow from a hose. At the same time the pedal of a brake has to reach smoothly against the stop. As soon as liquid ceases to follow, wrap the valve of production of air.
6. Constantly you watch liquid level in a tank, without allowing its decrease MIN tags are lower, and if necessary add new brake fluid. Repeat operations 4 and 5 until new (pure) brake fluid begins to follow from a hose.
7. Replace with the same way brake fluid in the left forward brake mechanism, and then in the second contour (at first in the left back brake mechanism, then – in right forward).
8. Press several times a brake pedal. At the same time the course and resistance of a pedal have to be constants by each pressing. If these conditions are not satisfied, so air got to the brake system and it needs to be pumped over.
9. After replacement of brake fluid surely put on protective caps valves of production of air, add brake fluid in a tank to a tag of MAX and wrap a cover.