6.10. Pipelines and connections

Careful check of all pipelines is one of the important operations preventing damages or failure of the brake system.
When checking you watch that all details conformed to the following requirements.
1. Metal pipelines have to be located far from sharp edges which can damage them, and should not have dents and cracks.
2. On flexible hoses the mineral oils or lubricants dissolving rubber should not get. Having pressed a brake pedal against the stop, check whether appeared on swelling hoses which are a sign of their malfunction.
3. All brackets of fastening of pipelines have to be well tightened, weakening of fastenings is the reason of the vibration causing breakages.
4. Leak of liquid from unions is not allowed, if necessary tighten nuts, at the same time do not allow deformation of pipelines.
5. In all specified cases replace the corresponding details (if there is the slightest doubt in their suitability) new.