1.1. General data

Specifications and characteristics

Fig. 1.1. Overall dimensions of the Izh-21261 car (height of the car is given under loading and in the equipped state)

The Izh-21261 car (fig. 1.1) with the closed five-door body, a forward arrangement of the engine and back driving wheels is intended for transportation of 5 people and 50 kg of baggage.
On a roof it is possible to install a luggage carrier for transportation of freight weighing no more than 50 kg, at the same time the full mass of the car should not exceed the value specified in a technical characteristic.
When unfolding a back seat the car can be used for transportation of 2 people (on front seats) and no more than 260 kg of freight.
The car is calculated for operation at a temperature of air from-40 to +45 °C.
On the Izh-21261 cars engines of models UEPA-331 or VAZ-2106 can be installed.
The car equipped with the UM-PO-331 engine has designation Izh-21261-020, the VAZ-2106 engine – Izh-21261-030.
The engine of UEPA is aggregated by coupling and the Izh-2126 transmission, the VAZ-2106 engine – coupling by VAZ-2106 and the VAZ-21074 or Izh-2126 transmission.

Passport data

Fig. 1.2. Passport data of the car: X – a geographical zone; T – the country; To – manufacturer. The following six figures designate car model, the subsequent figure designates year of release of the car, the last seven figures – serial number of the chassis. After the word "engine" the engine model is specified

Number of the engine and identification number of the car are specified on the plate attached to a radiator board bar on the right (fig. 1.2). The model and number of the engine are beaten out on the block of cylinders on the left side, identification number of the car is specified on the right support of a spring of a forward suspension bracket.

Security measures
Ethylated gasoline is poisonous, can cause burns at hit on skin, and at inhalation and hit in a stomach – a serious poisoning.
Cooling liquid (antifreeze) is poisonous and at hit in a mouth can lead to poisoning.
At survey of mechanisms of the car and for heating of oil in cases of units it is impossible to use an open flame.
At repair of devices and knots of electric equipment and a power supply system, and also at the long parking disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.
Do not allow operation of the engine in badly aired enclosed space in order to avoid poisoning with the fulfilled gases.
Use the jack attached to the car only for external works (change of wheels, dismantle of a half shaft, survey of brake mechanisms, etc.). Performance of any works under the car raised on a jack is strictly forbidden.
It is forbidden to switch off ignition and to take out a key from the switch (lock) of ignition during the movement: the anti-theft device can lock a steering shaft, and the car will become uncontrollable.
During an initial stage of operation be especially attentive while there are no sure skills of driving.
In the period of a running in pay special attention to observance of the high-speed mode.
After launch of the cold engine it is impossible to increase sharply the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft as knots and units of the engine can fail. The engine is calculated on use of gasoline with octane number not lower than 91, operation on gasoline with octane number 91 will give to its breakage below.
When performing welding works on the car disconnect wires from generator plugs to the rechargeable battery.
At installation of the rechargeable battery attach tips to battery plugs polarly not to put the generator out of action. At charging of the rechargeable battery directly on the car from a foreign source of current surely disconnect wires from the battery "+" and "-" plugs. It is impossible to include for a long time ignition at the idle engine: it can lead to a discharge of the rechargeable battery.
Constantly you watch purity of plugs and clips of the rechargeable battery: their oxidation and negligent connection causes sparking, and electronic knots can burn down.
At failure of one of contours of the separate drive of the brake system braking is provided with a serviceable contour, at the same time the course of a pedal increases and efficiency of braking decreases. In this case do not release a pedal and do not press repeatedly – it increases time of braking and a brake way.
Do not exceed the loads of the car specified in the Management. Because of an overload suspension bracket elements are damaged, there are vibrations of a body, tires strenuously wear out and stability of the car decreases.
Bystry driving on the uncomfortable road can lead to deformation of elements of a suspension bracket and body.
Apply the oils recommended in the Management to lubricant of the engine, the transmission and the main transfer. Use of oils of other brands will lead to a premature exit of units out of operation.
It is impossible to start by means of a starter, begin the movement only on the 1st transfer. If the engine is not launched after triple inclusion of a starter, check serviceability of power supply systems and ignition and remove the cause interfering launch of the engine.
Operation of tires in which pressure differs from recommended results in their premature wear, increases fuel consumption, worsens stability of the car.
At operation of the rechargeable battery, radio tape recorder and seat belts be guided by the enclosed instructions.
Before leaving the car after taking out from the ignition key lock, be convinced by turn of a steering wheel that the anti-theft device worked.
Use of the additional devices which are not provided by a car design is allowed only with the permission of JSC Izhavto.